Start your own business helping people get better hotel rates and benefits, 

and a more personalised stay.


People attending events such as a trade show, wedding or competing in a sports tournament are part of a larger number of people also attending. Therefore they deserve a better hotel rate than they would get if they just booked as an individual on Booking com or Expedia or any of the other online agents - these agents deal in individual travel and do not book over a few rooms on their sites. 

Hotels.tv have Agents, people like you, you work from home or small office and work with the events to provide a private booking system linked to the events own website. This channels the attendees into selected online hotel booking with exclusive hotels and rates + benefits ONLY for the attendees of the event.

The result: Lower rates, better value and a more personalised stay at a hotel Guests & event organisers love it!

Get your business started

Hotels.tv provide a very unique business opportunity to people who would like to start a home-based business in travel. We provide full training, ongoing support and the entire booking systems and websites you need.

You do not need any prior experience to be successful. You just need a great attitude, excellent communication skills and a desire to run a business helping people get better value.
Hotels.tv provide a complete self-paced online training program with weekly 1 to 1 online training sessions, webinars, modules and a great community with other Global Agents.

Unique Booking System For Events & Groups

Hotels.tv have created a very unique booking system which allows Agents to easily generate an unlimited number of Private Booking Areas (Called PBA's or Web Pages) which are used to focus on a particular event or group. These booking systems are created in minutes and allow Agents to select suitable hotels, negotiate exclusive rates just for this audience and let the attendees book securely and instantly - just for them.
Connect the PBA to the events own website and social networks and watch the bookings start! You have a ready-made and exclusive audience ready to book. No advertising to do!! 
Agents receive full training and ongoing support.


Manage Your Bookings

All Agents are provided their own Control Panel Administration Area where they can create PBA's, view and manage their bookings and access online training and resources. 

Every time a booking is made you receive an email alert and you can see how much commission you are earning at all times. 

This is a completely cloud-based solution and you can work from absolutely anywhere. As long as you have a computer, internet access and a phone, you are always in business!

Why would you book a hotel through Booking.com or Expedia when you can have a better rate, negotiated with added value, because you are attending an event? Power in numbers! You cannot book more than a few rooms on these other websites.

Start Your Business in the $100billion Group & Event Marketplace

50% of event attendees book their hotels via the event organiser's options. 

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You become the event organiser's main hotel booking option! 

Trade shows, exhibitions, festivals and more attract thousands of attendees and exhibitors. Many need hotels, including the organisers and their keynote speakers and guests. Events can produce 50 to 100+ bookings ranging from 1 to 4+ night stays across 2-5 star hotels. This adds up to thousands  dollars for hotels and commission paid by hotels to you, the agents.  

Amateur and professional sports competitions, weddings and parties also have the potential to generate many bookings.
All of these need assistance, a private booking website and exclusively negotiated rates and added benefits from hotels. 

Choose Your Niche

As an Agent you can choose to specialise in particular sectors such as conventions, weddings, sports tournaments and other areas. Companies also have many direct booking requirements all over the world and Agents can negotiate a rate for them to use all year and provide the Private Booking Area to link to their Company website allowing colleagues to book.
Whatever your niche, you can create an unlimited number of earning opportunities each week, month or year. How active you are is really up to the Agent. Work part time, full time, just weekends and create a great and rewarding business.

You Are Building A Great Business Asset

As you grow your event partners, you will find these work with you year after year. This creates great residual revenue coming in to your business. The more clients you work with, the greater the value of your business, as well as the revenue you generate. Therefore this is an asset. If you wish to sell your asset in future you can do that. We can also help you. 
Keep building your events, creating great booking experiences for the guests and work closely with hotels to give you the best rates, rooms and added bonuses, and you will build a great business. 

Book a time to speak to us! Let's discuss how this can work for you.

We have opportunities for all countries. Make an appointment in your time zone!

Find out how it all works. Ask questions and see if it is the right business opportunity for you. 
We have various packages which are designed to help you start an enjoyable and profitable home or office based booking business helping people get better value and a more personalised experience. Try it! You just might love it, like we do!