Why we are unique in this $100billion+ market

Hotel Booking Platform

The technology is the only system in the world to provide a very flexible, turnkey platform allowing people to instantly become Online Hotel Booking Agents. 

Create and manage your own exclusive destination web page (subject to availability) as a part of the global website. Add your own selection of hotels or choose from a vast range of Affiliate Content. Bookings are automated, however Agents can override with manual bookings - perfect for larger groups. 

Market your webpages via many opportunities including linking it to social networks.

Add video to further market hotels and improve the booking experience of users.


Private Booking Areas (PBA's) provide Agents the opportunity to create Private Booking Areas (PBA) for all different purposes. This allows Groups, Events, Concerts, Companies, Weddings, Trade Shows and Exhibition guests to be valued as a group - even though they will be booking independently. 

Hotels can see that the event will generate many rooms associated with it, and now will provide rates, availability and added value based on a group rate, not an individual rate. This technology can book 1 to 1000+ rooms for specific dates you instruct it to. You can have many events running simultaneously. 

These PBA's allow you to look after the Organiser of the event. You can share some commission revenue with them to motivate them to give you access to market to their audience. This is providing a member benefit to then Organisers audience, which will encourage them to return to the event again next time. 

These PBA's also help save the hotels time on processing large groups. Integrating the Siteminder Channel Manager allows direct plug in to the hotels Property Management System, creating a seamless booking. 

Global Network of Agents

Being part of means you are not alone. We have Agents in 25 countries making bookings and developing their businesses using the platform. This provides the opportunity for Agents to work together, share clients and share commissions. 

For example, if you have a group that travels to 4 different cities, then you can develop your relationship with them offering them the same service in all locations. If we have an Agent present, then work with them and their hotel contacts and share commissions. You will get better rates, local support and a happy client which will use you again and again. 

All our Agents try and contract their Organisers for multiple years. This allows Agents to get to know the event and add greater value each year. This also provided a future revenue for your business and gives you excellent negotiating power with hotels. Remember, you are not just doing that one event, but 20 to 60+ events per year. Your hotel partners will love you and work with you!

Video Technology

One very unique aspect of is the ability to feature hotels with video. A hotel video will increase booking conversion on a website by 60%+. For many years has produced videos and distributed these around the website and other third party sites for increased exposure and marketing. are Content Partners, and video rank number 1 under video search engine optimisation (Video SEO). has a production team who film and present on the videos, as well as edit and market these videos globally. We can also produce videos with presenters in different languages, expanding opportunities. If a hotel already has a video, it may be possible to re edit this and brand, however it is very important that videos are similar, consistently filmed to a high standard and have an objective presenter. 

Agents can offer Video Production Services to their hotel partners and earn commission on production rates and marketing fees. When you are ready to move into video, just contact The Support Team to discuss further.

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